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PortaBilling100 is a carriergrade VoIP/PSTN billing and customer management platform that enables IP/Traditional telephony providers to launch, price and provision their services immediately
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  • Ready to Use Solutions for prepaid, post-paid, and wholesale business models
  • Immediate launch of reliable VoIP services
  • Single license regardless of the number of ports, gateways, switches, or accounts
  • The same full functionality in local and hosted versions


PortaBilling100 Feature Highlights

    • Over 100 call attempts/second, translating to over 10 million minutes per month
    • RADIUS server, billing engine, database, IVR support – all in one solution
    • Support unlimited number of VoIP gateways
    • Session Initiation Protocol support - integrated with PortaSIP
    • Advanced least cost routing
    • Unlimited number of products and tariffs for single network
    • Multilingual web-based interface for administrators, customers, customer-care staff and account owners
    • Template system for safe and easy bulk-access to the database (e.g. automated tariff upload)
    • Customizable invoices and receipts
    • E-commerce modules for augmenting accounts with credit cards
    • Customer care section for easy troubleshooting of customer complaints
    • ASP-ready - several independent billing systems on one PortaBilling100 billing engine
    • Superior diagnostic and helpdesk tools
    • Statistics module for generation of customized reports and graphs
    • Integration-ready thanks to the product's open architecture

Features and Benefits

• Real-time billing
• Flexible rating
• Multiple business models
• Prepaid and postpaid service
• Products and account management
• Web-based customer care and self-provisioning
• Virtual private networks for corporate accounts
• Automatic Reports and invoices generation
• Partnerships with major vendors like Quintum and Cisco
• Scalability, reliability and high availability
• Call management and traffic analysis support systems
• Powerful Statistics and monitoring

  PortaOne billing and customer care is the solution of choice for small and medium-sized ISPs and voice operators. PortaBilling is a carrier-grade, real-time billing and customer care system that provides a scalable, highly-reliable solution. PortaBilling allows IP telephony service providers to offer flexible pricing plans that support their marketing strategies. PortaBilling is ready to install and integrate with hardware from leading VoIP equipment manufacturers like Cisco and Quintum.

System architecture

System architecture

System components

    • Two servers, one for the database
    and one for the web interface
    • Recomended configuration: 2.8 GHz Processor,
    1 GB RAM, RAID 100GB
    • Any VoIP enabled compatible Quintum or
    Cisco VoIP gateway

    System software
    • PortaBilling Software
    • RADIUS Server
    • Apache Web Server
    • MySQL Database
    • Perl, Modules
    • RRD Graphs

    Client software
    • OS: Windows 95-XP, UNIX or Mac OS
    • Browser: Netscape 6.2 or higher, Mozilla 1.1, Internet Explorer 5.5 or Higher
    • Spreadsheet processor (MS Excel)