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  • Phone numbers in 9000 area codes across 70+ countries
  • All incoming calls to local, mobile and national numbers are free of charge
  • Unlimited delivery - The call will reach you wherever you are
  • Porting - Possibility to bring your old numbers with you
We provide premium quality global voice origination services combined with the largest international coverage of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual numbers.
Virtual numbers are readily available on-line and may be immediately activated by using customer’s self-care area.
Key reasons to buy virtual numbers from Worldcall:

  • We provide the largest coverage of local, mobile, national and toll-free virtual numbers. Currently we cover 70+ countries and 9000 area codes worldwide.
  • Licensed as a telecom operator or partner with a licensed operator directly in every country in which we provide virtual numbers.
  • Flexible capacity options give you maximum simultaneous call efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your voice services.
  • Strong telecom experience and extensive knowledge of international regulations and carrier relations.
  • Our network is designed to support millions of minutes per day with full geo-redundant capabilities, automated quality and abuse monitoring on a 24/7 basis.
  • There is no long-term commitment and virtual numbers can be canceled at any time by the client himself
  • No minimum order requirement
  • All incoming calls to any of your local, mobile and national virtual numbers you will receive free of charge.

UNLIMITED DELIVERY - The call will reach you wherever you are:

  Our cloud technology, combined with traditional telephony infrastructure allows you to control and direct calls   made to your phone numbers by using your self-care WEB interface. For example:

  • Incoming calls to virtual numbers may be forwarded to your own network using VoIP. In addition, virtual numbers may be forwarded to landlines or mobile phones anywhere in the world (‘Follow-Me’ service), at low pay-per-minute rates (http://www.termination.worldcall.be).
  • Virtual numbers can be used in combination with our advanced Centrex service, offering full PBX features such as voice menus, call recording, voice mail, Fax-to-Email, conferencing, etc. Outbound calling from the virtual number is available using any SIP-based PBX, IP Phone, soft phone or any standard SIP mobile app.
  • Call Center application - You can allocate virtual numbers to employees they get a direct call number customers can reach.
  • Calling cards, PIN-less dialing and callback services - Incoming calls to virtual numbers may be forwarded to our advanced IVR system
PORTING - Bring your old numbers with you

  • Breathe new life into old / existing numbers with frictionless porting, available in 40+ countries. We navigate the tangled regulatory web to deliver one simple process, no matter the number or location.

    * DIDs in some countries are submitted to local national limitations. Full per-country information is available here

The cost breaks down into three parts:

  • One-time setup fees (purchase) for each new virtual number or extra capacity line (optional)
  • Monthly subscription fees for each virtual number with one capacity line included
  • Optional: Monthly subscription fees for extra capacity line(s)