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Your office telephony
modern solution
  • Free of charge communications between multiple
  • Points Of Presents
  • Dramatically reduces long distance, international and local mobile communications fees
  • Risk-free communications (automatic route choosing and redirecting between PSTN and VoIP)
  • Easy implementation into any existing telephony network
  • Public dialing plan as well as existing number dialing format to be unchanged
  • Private dialing plan availability
  • Full independence of any Point Of Present from its location
  • A lot of new value-added services: follow me, calls redirections, access platform to the corporate phone network (even from mobile phone) etc.

Are you deploying VoIP in a traditional PBX environment? With a state-of-the-art IP PBX? In a campus environment? Across thousand of locations worldwide? Need to support fax and other analog equipment? Want to "hop off" and/or "hop on" your network for long distance bypass?
Moreover, do you want to ensure reliability of your voice services and protect them from any problems on the network or failures of any single piece of the hardware?

We offer VoIP functionality at the edge of the enterprise network ... unmatched with any other vendor offers - including dynamic call failover, out-of-the-box interoperability with voice and data network environments, SIP and H.323 support, and more.

We offer three types of VoIP functionality implementation (for each Point Of Present you can choose the type that better meets your requirements):
  • Risk-free
  • Full VoIP
  • Convergence of Risk-free and Full VoIP.
  • Having chosen “Risk-free” solution and after installation of a VoIP multipath switch between your existing traditional PBX and PSTN you would be to get all advantages of VoIP and at the same time to keep the stability of your classic PSTN network.
    All your communications will be absolutely risk-free due to the fact that the main equipment used (Quintum technologies) contains two unique features:
    MultiPath™ architecture radically eases deployment in all types of environments and ensures VoIP survivability even in the event of IP network failure;
    SelectNet™ technology vigilantly protects call quality under all network conditions.


    Having chosen “Full VoIP” solution you would obtain very low installation costs (even might be equal to zero in case of softphone dialers installation!) and you would be able to get all advantages of VoIP and at the same time to keep the main functionality of the traditional PBX like call transfer, put on hold, voice messaging etc.

    For emergency calls and fax transmission you may also combine the two said above (like in the case of the second office) by making the VoIP-based essential infrastructure and installing the very low-cost small gateway.

    Additional value-added services
    • Access Platform. You can call any assigned number in your office through fix/mobile phone; be authorized via PIN code and call further at low corporative tariffs
    • Distributed Company. Customer may call you to alone head office central corporative number from where he can be redirected by (tele)secretary to other managers or services in other offices worldwide.
    • Local Mobile. Having installed the additional equipment “GSM Gateway" to your office network you can considerably reduce communications costs between your office and local mobile phones as well costs resulted from your staff’s long distance and international calls through mobile phones.
    • Teleworkers. Having installed the place-independent and free-of-charge VoIP telephone at the worker’s location you freely would be able to recruit managers around the world

    Try VoIP Office and appreciate the comfort of communications in the real business life!