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  • Possibility to launch own calling card business very quickly and easily
  • Prepaid and Postpaid scenarios available
  • Serve multiple calling cards (CC) types and batches on the same platform
  • Low volume of investments
  • Easy utilization and management
  • Customizable, wizard-driven call rating, including peak and off-peak periods
  • Unlimited number of prepaid calling cards hosted
    by the system
  • E-commerce module for web signup, and credit card payment system
  • Powerful customizable reporting
  • IVR support, including recharge vouchers
  • Multilanguage IVR support

This solution promises you to launch your own calling card solution in your country and assure the highest industrial quality of services. Being one of the known leaders in this application domain WorldCall can suggest you the ready-to-use infrastructure to build your Calling Card (CC) solution. Our state-of-the-art VoIP Connect service will provide you the maximal connection quality that will minimize unsuccessful calls attempts and obtain the 100% customer satisfaction. The same time our powerful Real-time VoIP Billing promise you to implement the flexible billing models to your clients as well as perfect management facilities and on-line troubleshooting mechanism. We also offer 24/7 support for our Customers.
VoIP Calling Card

How can I launch my own Calling Card (CC) service?

The main question here is “how the user may call to our CC platform”.

In order to know to proceed with the authorization and call termination user must firstly access your system.

In many countries Worldcall is able to provide you access numbers and lines.

* list of available countries see below

If your country is not listed there you can organize the call collection yourselves. To do it you have to negotiate with your local PSTN provider to obtain the set of PSTN lines (BRI, PRI or analog ones) with the unique access number attached.

After obtaining the lines from the local PSTN provider you have to install the VoIP gateway and connect it to Internet.

The model exact of VoIP gateway depends on PSTN lines type and system capacity.

How does it work?
  • Caller dials the access number
  • VoIP gateway, assisted by the IVR server, prompts the caller to enter his/her PIN code (authentication procedure)
  • Once the previous step is completed, the system authenticates the caller, prompts the VoIP gateway to announce the current account balance to him/her, and asks him/her to dial the destination number
  • After the destination number has been entered, the system calculates the maximum call duration and plays it back to the caller (authorization procedure)
  • Authenticated and authorized call goes to the termination to Worldcall
  • Once the call is completed, it is charged to the caller's account balance
Any time CC user may log in to the WEB based account self-provisioning interface to access call history (CDRs), payment information (credit card info), language options, and many other features.

How can I charge my customers?

Flexible call costing by day of week and time of day.
  • Various charge types:
    ◦ Setup (one-time) charges
    ◦ Maintenance charges at pre-defined periods (weekly, monthly, etc.)
    ◦ Usage-based rates

  • Stepped or tiered dropping rates per call or
    per total usage
  • Promotion packages and special rates,
    such as reduced rates for first period of service activity
How can I manage the system?

The system is manageable via WEB interface;
having your own CC platform you’re able to:

  • Generate new cards batches
  • Create and change your own tariffs
  • Configure any custom CC billing algorithms and discount plans
  • Charge/refund customers
  • Auto-generate invoices to customers (if needed) and send them by e-mail
  • Proceed with the client’s troubleshooting (help desk)

The new business possibility is in your hand: profit it!

* List of available countries
Argentina Japan
Australia Latvia
Austria Lithuania
Bahrain Luxembourg
Belgium Mexico
Brazil Netherlands
Bulgaria New Zealand
Canada Norway
Chile Pakistan
Croatia Panama
Cyprus Peru
Czech Republic Poland
Denmark Puerto Rico
El Salvador Romania
Estonia Singapore
Finland Slovakia
France Slovenia
Germany Spain
Greece Sweden
Hungary Switzerland
Ireland United Kingdom
Israel United States